Domains and Dimensions of Resiliency

  • Cognitive-Skills: Focusing Techniques
  • Clarity-Skills: Identifying negative and positive thought patterns
  • Emotional-Skills: Self-soothe, Modulate strong emotions, Identifying past patterns and current triggers
  • Integration-Skills: Integrating opposites, Holding opposing positions without splitting, Tolerance of ambiguity
  • Sense of Self-Skills: Who am I, Self-acceptance, Self-love
  • Mindfulness-Skills: Bounce Back, Recovery, Flow, Attention Control
  • Awareness-Skills: Self-awareness, Accurate Self-assessment, Self-confidence, Impulse Control, Emotional Regulation and Optimism
  • Social-skills: Planning and decision-making. Interpersonal skills, Sociocultural competence, Resistance, Peaceful conflict resolution
  • Collaboration-skills: Self-knowledge, Connectedness, Leading and Following, Transparency, Acting and interacting appropriately, Presence, Flexibility, Tolerance for difference, Active-listening, Boundaries and expectations, Empowerment and support, Meaningful-engagement, Client-focus
  • Leadership-skills: Willingness to make decisions, Skillful-actions, Initiative-behaviors, Influencing, Coaching, The courage to take risks, The ability to collaborate, Access creativity, Speak one's mind
  • Civic Participation and Engagement-skills: Social-awareness, Social-Cognition, Collective decision-making, Communication, Critical-thinking
  • Physiological-Skills: Nutrition, Lifestyle, Sleep
  • Energetic-Skills: Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Qigong
  • Kinesthetic-Skills: Somatic awareness--waking up the lived body; Awareness of self and others, boundaries, personal and interpersonal space
  • Rhythmic intelligence skills: Interactive and collaboration skills, tuning into others, letting forms emerge, hearing the action stories as nonverbal narratives
  • Physical Vitality-Skills: Self-care, Energy Management, Physical Presence, Breathing
  • Develop-trust: Trust in others and in life itself when we have done all that we can
  • Act-with-integrity: Doing what we say we'll do, standing up for our beliefs
  • Humility: Recognizing that ideas can come from other people; willingness to change our mind; admit mistakes when we make them; learn from the mistakes of others, rather than punishing them
  • Creativity-engagement: Coherence, Relaxation and Flow; autonomy, mastery and purpose; engaging emotions (Resonance), our mind guides us according to clear values (Meaning), and we honor a goal (Purpose). accepting fear; welcoming frustration
  • Compassion: Integrating the needs of colleagues and clients