We aim at creating a culture of health and a resilient worldview for engaging with others to increase the likelihood of success for yourself and communities within your organization.

Our Team

Ilene Serlin, Ph.D, BC-DMT
Dr. Ilene Serlin is a clinical psychologist and registered dance/movement therapist. She is the Past President of the San Francisco Psychological Association and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Past President and Council Representative of the Division of Humanistic Psychology of the American Psychological Association, on the Editorial Boards of the Arts in Psychotherapy, the American Journal of Dance Therapy, and the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, and has taught and published globally. Ilene is a co-founder of the California Health Medical Reserve Corps.

Laleh Shahidi, Ph.D, CWC1
Laleh Shahidi has a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies and participated in a Post-Doc Fellowship in Medical Informatics. She held joint faculty positions at the UCSF - School of Medicine and Nursing. Laleh has extensive business consulting experience spanning Fortune 500 to midsize and start-ups. Focusing on resilience building, she is a certified Kung Fu Instructor and a certified health and wellness coach Laleh is the Co-Founder and Vice President at the California Health Medical Reserve Corps.

Daniel Esbensen
Daniel Esbensen is the President of Touch Technologies, Inc. a high-tech company that he co-founded in 1982. He is an inventor and well-known for his highly scalable software solutions to complex problems. Some of the technologies used by the FBI, CIA, and NSA for national and international security are based on his patents. Daniel is also a co-founder of the California Health Medical Reserve Corps.

Affiliates, Partners, and Collaborators

California Health Medical Reserve Corps

SRG is affiliated with the California Health MRC, a member of the network of Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) under the oversight of the US Surgeon General. CHMRC facilitates well-being through community outreach and by leveraging human networks

China Institute of Psychology

The China Institute of Psychology (CIP) is a non-profit organization that works closely with Chinese entities, such as government agencies, universities, professional organizations and clinical institutions, to propel the spread and application of psychology and wellbeing in China.

Spire LLC

SRG has partnered with SPIRE, a cutting edge provider of wearable breathing sensors, to create a unique smart device APP. The SRG APP monitors breathing rates to detect stress and other factors, and then provides the wearer "wellness solutions" to help them build their resiliency.

Global Retail Management Institute

GRMI is a specialized institution in retail and management training. lt provides current leading edge insight in career development and leadership development through three programs: Retail Management, General Management, and Entrepreneurship.


En*Theos helps you optimize your life by building resilience, balance, and wellness and meaning. Their tag-line is "Learn how to dial in your life and live with more health, happiness, meaning and mojo."